Metall-Stahlbau Welschar: Steel construction from S to XXXL

Whether for industrial, commercial or infrastructure applications: steel and steel girder constructions have become indispensable parts of engineering. Steel as a material permits short planning and construction times while, at the same time, allowing for flexible designs of supporting structures, a high degree of prefabrication, reduced construction times and, overall, sustainable building. A favoured source for this is Metall-Stahlbau WELSCHAR – a specialist for over 40 years for steel and steel girder constructions and semi-turnkey commercial and industrial construction.

Metall-Stahlbau Welschar is a long-established company originating from Minden which provides the complete range of construction planning services and which undertakes static calculations and the development of the load-bearing structures. Metall-Stahlbau Welschar covers virtually the whole of the construction process and determines roof covering, glazing, facade engineering and other important elements of commercial and industrials constructions. Metall-Stahlbau WELSCHAR was founded in 1969, has a broad range of experience across many industrial sectors and both supplies and installs for well-known customers throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide.

The range of the company's products in the area of general steel construction includes platforms, steps, balustrades and crane systems. The potential production capacity is 500 t a month and the current total annual tonnage is around 3,200 t. Metall-Stahlbau WELSCHAR made a name for itself with its much-in-demand Steel Service Centre and processes various forms of steel and steel rods to order using highly modern CNC processes. In addition, a feature of the industry specialist is the calculation of verifiable static values. The company has received a number of certifications and has also proven itself through its metalworking and sheet metal processing work and erection teams both throughout Europe and worldwide. A WELSCHAR series product which is supplied from Lisbon to Moscow and from Hammerfest to Naples is the frequently used tension rods and wind bracing for steel or wooden support constructions. A number of dismantling, modification and re-construction services for industrial plants are also included within the range. 

There are many steel construction companies in Germany and Europe. However, Welschar stands out. It is a family-run and extremely flexible company which is also able to take on what appear to be the smallest of projects thanks to its company structure. "We do everything – from 1-metre balustrades to 1,000 t factory buildings. Nothing is too small for us. We even help out when other steel constructors have difficulties!", says Managing Director, Carsten Welschar. The company lives out a very special kind of philosophy – and is thus able to also gain favour with internationally operative machine and plant constructors. For example, the XXL project for Liebherr Cranes. Here, WELSCHAR constructed, produced and assembled in 2011/2012 in Chershinsk in Russia a 350 t steel paint shop construction for a global player within the industry. The company from Minden takes on all paths and even supplied a base in the Antarctic, whose highly specialised steel support feet had to undergo high-grade welding.

The company even makes its mark as an employer brand, as it places an above-average investment in the training of its own workers with just under 14% trainees. This is the only way, says Carsten Welschar, that high quality standards can be maintained. The training of its own mechanics or designers etc. is one of the most important actions for retaining its market position in the future.